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Using the two-pass encoding
Дата обновления: Июль 21 2008
What is the two-pass encoding for and how can I benefit from this feature?

Two-pass encoding allows you to get a better-quality video by using the improved bit allocation for each scene. But the encoding process will take twice as much time compared to the fast but one-pass mode.

Im order to use the two-pass encoding mode, you need to go through te following steps:

1. Run Elecard Converter Studio.

2. Choose «Open Media File...» in the File menu. You can also use CTRL + O.

Open Media File...

3. In the pop-up window choose a file you want to convert.

4. Choose the appropriate MPEG-2 HDV profile from the Profiles panel.

5. Drag the selected profile from the Profiles panel to the Task Parameters panel.

6. In the Stream type parameters on Task parameters panel, set the Number of pass option to Two pass.

7. Save the task to the Batch list by pressing the «Save to batch list» button.

8. Run the encoding process by pressing the «Run batch list encoding» button on Batch List panel.